Ages 13+

You Either VR or You VRn't

VR is here and it's STILL a mystery! When trying to figure out how to make dreams into reality, sometimes we take a wrong turn and end up in nightmare territory. We've assembled some of the most brilliant minds in the VR space, forming a VR-dev Voltron, to share some of our WORST VR ideas and iterate on them until they are truly, truly terrible. Then we’ll open the floor to the audience to see what horrors we can conjure together. Warning: Jokes, comedy, adult content, likely poop jokes.


Cy Wise [Studio Director, Owlmancer, Science, Owlchemy Labs], Andrew Eiche [Production Director, Alleged Certified Adult, Owlchemy Labs], Steve Bowler [President / Co-Founder, CloudGate Studio], Chris Floyd [Developer, Radial Games], Colin Northway [Creator, Northway Games], Sarah Northway [Creator, Northway Games]