Web Video for Gamers: How To Make Your Live Streaming & On Demand Video Content Awesome

In just 60 minutes, we will take the audience from asking “F***ing web videos, how do the work?” to a point where they can confidently say “when people watch my videos, their jaws will drop”. Our panel of video streaming & Let’s Play! personalities will help you figure out what recording & mixing hardware you might need to buy; how to set up your recording environment; dish out some basic video editing and production tips; AND take questions from the audience.


Marcus ‘DJ Wheat’ Graham [Sr Manager, New Media Partnerships, Twitch.TV], Tiffany ‘iHasCupquake’ Herrera [Executive Producer,], Michael ‘Slash’ Yu [Executive Producer, Khaos Gaming], Nicholas Beaudrot [Senior Developer, Live Streaming, Limelight Networks], Brittany Allen [Assistant Producer, Khaos Gaming]

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