Video Game Music Trivia

Video games, music, and trivia. Great on their own, but let's imagine them as one GLORIOUS being. THIS IS THAT BEING. THIS IS PAX VIDEO GAME MUSIC TRIVIA. Song samples straight from the games, contestants from the crowd, and a variety of pun-based categories and prizes make this game fun for the masses and a challenge for the enthusiasts. Also, there's this guy Akash Thakkar who did the sound design for Hyper Light Drifter; he'll be there too. Probably also some Buck Bumble.


Phoebe Jelacic [Emcee, VGMT], Austin Riedhammer [Tech Guy, VGMT], Nate Cory [Audience Coordinator, VGMT], Akash Thakkar [Composer / Sound Designer, Akash Thakkar]