Veterans in Gaming:  Embracing Common Ground

What impact do military-themed games have on an increasing population of active duty and veteran gamers?  How are large gaming communities leveraging the experience and common frames of reference military veterans provide?  How is this growing segment of dedicated players impacting both game and community development?  How are veteran-run charities and fundraising events changing the landscape of gaming philanthropy?  Hear from both sides of the screen and join Cloud Imperium Games Founder and CEO Chris Roberts, Sony Online Entertainment Creative Director, Matt Higby, Piranha Games Creative Director Bryan Eckman, Piranha Games CEO Russ Bullock, Retired Army Major Brent Russell of Black Widow Company, Retired 82nd Airborne Paratrooper Steven Machuga or Front Towards Gamer and Retired Army Warrant Officer Charles Kibert of BWC as we explore the unique relationship our military veterans have with the game industry.


Chris Roberts [Founder, CEO, Cloud Imperium Games], Matt Higby [Creative Director, Sony Online Entertainment], Bryan Eckman [Creative Director, Piranha Games], Russ Bullock [President, Executive Producer, Piranha Games], Brent Russell [US Army, Veteran, BWC Command Group], Steven Machuga [US Army, Veteran, Front Towards Gamer], Miki Rei Bell [US Navy, Veteran, Black Widow Company PAO], Charles Kibert [US Army, Veteran, BWC Senior C&S]

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