Tinder Tales & Other Wicked Ways to Get Work as a Game Writer

THIS IS NOT GAME JOURNALISM SIMULATOR… THIS IS YOUR LIFE! The gaming industry is a manic, hit driven profession undergoing rapid transformation. As such, it is not uncommon for game writers to juggle several jobs in rapid succession, or all at the same time. Come hear what it takes to thrive in the industry as this all-star panel shares their pathways through hell and back, and best practices for getting work that pays the bills.


Martine Paris [PR & Events Manager, Tapjoy], Bobby Stein [Lead Writer, ArenaNet], Jason Evangelho [Tech & Games Journalist,], Daniel Tack [PC Editor, Game Informer], Kyle Gaddo [Editor-In-Chief, Save/Continue], Samit Sakar [Reporter, Polygon], Duncan Stanley [Marketing & PR Manager, Deep Silver]