Ages 13+

The Improv Role-Player's Handbook

Some role-playing groups get together to play a game of decisions and dice rolls. Some gather to tell stories and escape into awesome personas. Others descend into endless rules arguments or dissolve altogether.

Join our group of intrepid dungeon veterans as they not only discuss but also demonstrate how simple thoughts and techniques from improvisation can lead players and DMs alike to better games, better groups, and even more fun. Whether succeeding or failing, it's about having fun.


Lisa Trott [Writer / Game Community Manager / Perennial Role-Player], Dan Attfield [Professional Improviser / Coach / Musical Comedian], James Trott [Moderator / Seasoned Dungeon Master / Amateur Comedian], Amber Eagar [Chief Dice Mistress / Veteran GM, Mortalis RPG], David Ruttka [Karaoke Legend / Bard Specialist]