Ages 13+

Streaming Your D&D Game: From Basement to Broadcast

Streaming tabletop RPGs has exploded in popularity, birthing popular web series such as Critical Role and Maze Arcana. If you've ever wanted to stream your game, learn how from industry veterans Chris Perkins, D&D Lead Story Designer and master DM, Satine Phoenix, co-creator of Maze Arcana and Geek and Sundry's GM Tips, Ruty Rutenberg, co-creator and DM for Maze Arcana, and Chris Lindsay, D&D Brand and Marketing AND Moderator Bill Benham, D&D AL Resource Manager and host, for a lively discussion on what it takes to get your game from basement to broadcast.


Chris Perkins [Lead Story Designer, Wizards of the Coast], Satine Phoenix [CEO, Burning Quill Enterprises], Ruty Rutenberg [Producer, Burning Quill Enterprises], Chris Lindsay [Brand and Marketing Lead, Wizards of the Coast], Bill Benham [Resource Manager, D&D AL, Wizards of the Coast]