Raising the Next Generation of Geeks

Geek parents, assemble!

Join the writers from the GeekDad and GeekMom blogs and fellow parents in the audience for an interactive chat about the challenges of raising a geek family. What are the best board games and RPGs for a family game night? What if your kids don’t share your geeky interests? Share your own stories from the trenches and get advice for forming a geek-friendly home environment.

Want the inside scoop about our parenting? Quiz some of our geek offspring for the real story. Don’t have kids? Show up and find out what may be in store for you if you ever do!

Be sure to look up the GeekDad/GeekMom photo scavenger hunt before the panel: score the most points to get first pick at some awesome giveaways!


Jonathan Liu [Core Contributor, GeekDad], Erik Wecks [Contributor, GeekDad], Kay Moore [Contributor, GeekMom], Kelly Knox [Senior Editor, GeekMom], Rael Dornfest [Fledgling Boardgame Designer; Engineer], Sam Dornfest [Geek Offspring], Rebecca Moore [Geek Offspring], Lily Wecks [Geek Offspring], Nora Wecks [Geek Offspring]

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