Ages 13+

Quests in the Ivory Tower: University of Washington GAMER Group

The GAMER Group is a research team that studies organization, preservation, and use of video games at the University of Washington in Seattle. Hear six members of the team provide rapid-fire summaries of their research in various topics including video game classification, digital art preservation, games and learning, the game industry, ARGs, etc. Participate in an open Q&A to ask the team your questions about games, research, and academia and explore ways to collaborate on various research projects.


Jin Ha Lee [Associate Professor and MLIS Program Chair, GAMER Group Director, University of Washington], Travis Windleharth [Ph.D. Student, University of Washington], Stephen Keating [Ph.D. Student, University of Washington], Marc Schmalz [Ph.D. Student, University of Washington], Hyerim Cho [Ph.D. Candidate, University of Washington], Jason Yip [Assistant Professor, University of Washington]