Ages 13+

Manners in the Metaverse: A Social VR Story

Greetings, VR explorer! Welcome to the uncharted frontier of virtual reality. We’re all pioneers here in VR, and are still laying down the law of virtual citizenship. Online harassment and bullying are serious issues that are only amplified in VR, where interactions can “feel real” and have a lasting impact. In our panel, we bring together social VR experts to share how YOU, the community, can make our virtual reality a better one and lift each other up as we explore the future!


Autumn Taylor [Knowledge Purveyor and Media Master, Owlchemy Labs], Cy Wise [Studio Director, Owlmancer, Science, Owlchemy Labs], Cameron Brown [CCO, Against Gravity], Lisa Kotecki [Head of Community, AltspaceVR], Jazmin Cano [Marketing and Events Coordinator, High Fidelity], Eva Hoerth [VR Researcher, We Make Realities]