Gender Diversity in Games: Where Are All The Believable Female Characters?

As the videogame entertainment medium matures, why hasn’t its depiction of women matured with it? Graphics, game mechanics, animation, sound, and countless other technical achievements have given game developers the tools to deliver innovative games and incredibly realistic, moving character performances. Despite this, many videogames portray their characters within established, and stereotypical, tropes. In particular, most female characters continue to be portrayed in notoriously unrealistic terms both in their appearance and personality, progressing at a slower pace than their male videogame counterparts. Our panel of esteemed developers, writers, and journalists will examine why this continues to be the case, and the challenges facing developers and the videogame market in developing and marketing realistic female characters.


Neil Druckmann [Creative Director, Naughty Dog], Susan O’Connor [Writer, Susan O’Connor Writing Studio], Carolyn Petit [Editor, GameSpot], Danielle Riendeau [Reviews Editor, Polygon]

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