Community Organizing: Creating Local Groups for Dev or Play!

Wouldn’t it be cool if there were local tournaments for your favorite games? Why is it so hard to find someone to make games with? Getting together a group of like-minded and game-minded people may seem like a daunting task, but coordinating your resources and taking the right steps can make it a breeze! Join the organizers of Fuck This Jam, Cipher Prime, Seattle Indies, and the Portland Indie Game Squad in a discussion of best practices for finding game developers or enthusiasts in your area, hosting events, networking effectively, and taking advantage of every game-related project’s most valuable resource: people!


Will Lewis [Lead Community Organizer & Founder, Portland Indie Game Squad & Game Education PDX], Sean Siem [Board of Directors, IGDA Seattle & Seattle Indies], Rami Ismail [Strategic Director & Co-Founder, Vlambeer & Fuck This Jam], William Stallwood [Creative Director & Community Organizer, Chipher Prime]

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