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All badges for PAX Prime 2015 have sold out. For general registration questions, email us at

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Interested in exhibiting at PAX Prime?
Contact Exhibitor Sales for info on booth space and sponsorships.

Please note: Although booths for Prime are completely sold out, there are still other sponsorship opportunities available. In addition, there is also a wait list for booths on the off-chance a cancellation occurs. Thank you.

Exhibitor Contact

Are you part of a commercial media organization and would like to attend PAX so you can produce multiple pieces of content covering several exhibitors? Qualified journalists may submit a registration request to receive a free media badge for PAX Prime 2015!

The requirements for media registration have been expanded. Pay close attention before completing step one or two of media registration.

New/Additional Requirements:

  No photographers or videographers will be granted passes.

  Links provided must introduce the reporter/broadcaster applying for the media pass within the first 30 seconds.

YouTube and Twitch Channels:
  Passes will be granted only to channels that have at least 50,000 subscribers.

Working journalists who wish to register for a media badge must first submit a media registration request. Requests must include:

Step One

Please submit your request through our Media Registration Form.

Media Registration Form

Step Two

Submit the following materials via email with the subject line PAX Prime [insert your outlet name]:

  • Letter on Company Letterhead from Editor
  • A photo of your business card
  • Photo of a drivers license or other government id

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at

Please note:
• Media Registration closes July 24th at Noon PST and no additional submissions or materials to complete applications will be accepted after that time.
• Meeting all the requirements for media registration does not guarantee you a media pass. 
• Final approval for any applicant remains the province of PAX. 
• If you or someone you assign to cover PAX Prime 2015 does not produce content in a timely manner after being granted a media pass, the journalist assigned and/or your outlet/channel may no longer be eligible for media passes to future PAX events.