Since the founding of PAX in 2004, we’ve had six simple rules to help keep the show safe and secure for attendees, speakers, staff and Enforcers alike. Over the years we’ve also implemented many progressive policies to make sure PAX continues to uphold these standards.

We want to share with you the specific details around each of these rules and policies, including the definitions and action taken. We all love our time at PAX, and making sure everyone is aware of what is and isn’t acceptable behavior will make sure every PAX is a community event we can all be proud of.

You can view the PAX Safety & Security page here:

After every PAX ends, at least for us, there’s always a feeling that it shouldn’t be over yet.  Suffice to say the fourth day has done little to prevent those feelings, and the inescapable truth seems to be that there just cannot be enough PAX no matter how many days it lasts.  Such is the way of things.  The only solace is that PAX East is right around the corner!

As always, eternal gratitude go towards our exhibitors, Enforcers, and all of those who took time out of their August and/or September to spend time with us.  You’re the best and we can’t wait to hang out with you next year in Boston!  See you there!

The PAX 10 is one of our favorite announcements around here, and this year we’ve got quite a lineup.  Every year the submissions get better and better while the judging gets harder and harder…starting with well over 100 submissions, check out the titles that rose above the rest here.

We are super pleased to announce our musical lineup for PAX Prime 2013. Being 4 days long this year we decided to shake things up a bit and that means we have 3 straight days of concerts for your listening pleasure! Lucky you!

Our lineup includes: The Protomen, MC Frontalot, The Super Guitar Bros, The Doubleclicks, Mega Ran, Adam Warrock, Supercommuter, Bit Brigade, Hideo, as well as a special performance by Supergiant.

Also if you haven’t already heard, legendary game designer Peter Molyneux of Fable and Black & White fame, will be opening PAX Prime as our 2013 Storytime Speaker!

We are very excited about this year’s lineup and you should be too, keep an eye out in the coming weeks for more details.  PAX is coming!

Each year the demand for PAX gets more and more fervent, with badges selling out in a record 6 hours this year. There have been a few folks that have taken to twitter, upset why they didn’t get a badge and how Penny Arcade “screwed them,” and “let the scalpers win” etc. Like we did last year, I wanted to answer some of the common questions to try and put them to rest.

Why don’t you print more badges?

There is only so much physical space we have for the show, so firecode and safety regulations dictate how many badges we are allowed to distribute.

Why don’t you do a lottery system? Why not do a pre-pre-reg system? Why not do system X?

The fundamental problem is supply vs. demand. We have the supply for 65-85k people. We estimate demand to be in the 130-150k range, meaning that no matter how you skin this, there will be about 75k people that aren’t happy because they wanted a badge and were unable to purchase one. All another system would do is take badges from one person and give them to another.

Why not give advance notice?

Besides there being a massive server load issue, it also gives scalpers the ability to mobilize their teams to buy lots of smaller orders. Not giving advance notice is actually pretty close to a lottery system, in the sense that if you were unavailable during that pre-registration window, you were not selected.

Speaking of scalpers, how is it that you let scalpers buy every/all of the/most of the badges?

Most people point to ebay and craigslist and say “Look at this, this is ridiculous.” A couple of things.

1. The number of badges you see from now until PAX for resale is still a very small percentage of the total badges we sold.
2. The average number of “sets” (Friday-Monday or 4-days) purchased per order was 1.45. Keep in mind the maximum number of sets you could purchase was 4. The % of orders that purchased the maximum number of sets was 2.1%
3. We have a number of flags for scalpers set, and after going through the data, we have identified those that clearly tried to “trick” the system and buy badges in bulk. All of their orders are being cancelled, so watch out when you buy on ebay/CL.

It’s also important to note that there are no anti-scalping laws in Washington, so “legally” we can do nothing.

I heard there was a bug in the system that allowed a person to skip the queue.

This was true but was resolved once we found out. Again, when you look at the stats in the above answer, you’ll see that very few people abused this.

I was sitting in the queue for 2 hours. Why?

The queue was implemented to throttle the load to the database/payment processing server to prevent it from melting. That database was churning along at maximum capacity for 6 straight hours with 25 other registration servers feeding into it, yet still, with tens of thousands of people trying to register at once, the wait was still there. ShowClix, the vendor we used, is looking into reducing this wait time.

Although there were some other minor hiccups with 2 boxes going bad in one of the clusters which caused some 50X errors, the queue worked as it was supposed to. The database and registration system didn’t die.