We’re only a few days away, so we wanted to remind everyone of a few announcements for this year!

1. If you arrive at the convention center before 10a, building staff will direct you to the queue areas that are available. The Annex, Sheraton, Olive 8, Benaroya, Westin, Grand Hyatt, and Paramount will ALL open simultaneously at 10 AM as well. Protip: If you don’t like the lines, go grab food and show up at 11 or so, and it should be free-flowing.

2. The backs of the badges have the Theatre Locations wrong! (sorry) Wyvern is in the Westin. Sasquatch and Sphinx are in the Sheraton. Hydra is in the Hyatt. Cerberus and (the ever-elusive) Chicken theatres are in the Convention Center.

3. Show Store Lite is on the first floor of the Sheraton hotel. It opens at 9 AM and will be the ONLY place to grab the exclusive Prime LE pins!

4. New rule for Expo Hall! No stopping mid-aisle to take photos - particularly of cosplay - to prevent traffic gridlock. You can take photos in open areas and lobbies, such as Freeway Park on level 4, and we’ll also have a Photo Backdrop setup inside the Paramount Theatre Lobby with pro lighting gear etc. Thanks!

5. Swag bags can be found at the Westin Hotel this year on Level 2. The Westin is also home to the Autographing area, the Wyvern Theatre, and a big Smash Tourney.

6. The Paramount Theatre will be home of the PAX Arena this year, where we’ll be running some pretty huge 2v2 Rocket League Tournaments. Check out Tycho’s post here.

7. Shuttles will be on a 4 stop loop. Convention Center (on level 1 on Convention Center Place), Benaroya Hall (on Union across the street), the Westin (on Westlake Ave), and then up to the Paramount Theatre (on Pine) between 11a and 8p. Please note that because of Seattle traffic, these will NEVER be the fastest means to get from point A to B, but for those that would like them, they’re available! (for those needing ADA access, please call 877-214-6065 at least 20 min before pickup time). Scroll down to see a map of all 4 locations.

8. Don’t forget to snag the PAX Guide (click the appropriate link (iOS / Android) or search for “PAX Prime 2015” on the iOS or Android stores).

And those, my friend, are the TOP EIGHT TIPS TO PAX PRIME 2015. SEE YOU IN A FEW DAYS!!!!

[Note: Shuttle locations and order are accurate. The precise route is not accurate.]

It’s finally here!  The 4 day lineup for PAX 2015 is up on the website!  Come check out all the great events we have in store for you at the convention center this year.  Click on the schedule tab for more info.  See you in 9 days!

We are extremely excited to announce that Kim Swift will be kicking off PAX Prime 2015 as our Storytime Speaker. We really try to look for landmark people who have been pivotal to gaming culture to open our event, so you can understand why we are thrilled to have her at Prime this year.  Kim is a senior Game Designer at Amazon Game Studios and has been instrumental in the development of major titles such as Portal, Left 4 Dead, Quantum Conundrum, and Soul Fjord. We can’t wait to hear the stories and insight she will share at Prime this year!

Also while Kim will be opening the show, we have some amazing musical guests closing out the nights. 7bit Hero, FreezePop, and MC Frontalot will be bringing down the house first on Saturday, and then Sunday doesn’t let up with Returners, Bit Brigade, and the Protomen bookending the awesomeness.

We are less than 2 months away from greatness people, get hyped!

Another PAX Prime is on the horizon! Can you feel it? That special ache in your teeth? And everything smells like copper? I might be having a stroke.

But hey, we’re shaking up a few things in order to min-max your enjoyment-per-second at the event.

Change #1. No more Queue Hall. The biggest complaint we get is the Expo Hall being overcrowded. With that in mind we’re going to take the space that was the Queue Hall and spread it evenly throughout the halls to widen the aisles. This means the same amount of exhibitors with hopefully more elbow room.

So… where do you line up to get in the convention center? That’s a great question! We’ll have two primary “entrances” running simultaneously in the morning – One will be the Convention Center (head to the main entrance on Pike and building staff will direct you where to go), and the other will be at the Annex. BOTH will be let into the show at 10 AM sharp, so you can go to either location in the morning.

Change #2. No stopping in mid-aisle to take photos - particularly of cosplay. If you want to take cosplay pics, that’s cool, we just ask you do it off the Expo Floor. Pictures within a booth, provided it’s been approved by the exhibitor, are fine. We’re trying to make sure people don’t randomly stop and cause traffic problems.

Change #3: Lastly we will be doing away with 4-Day badges. When looking over the data, we saw that people were buying 4-Day badges and not using them for the full four days. By switching everything over to single days, we can help ensure that every sold badge actually gets used. Since the show isn’t falling on Labor Day, it would have made the “not using the Monday part of their 4-Day badge” situation even more pronounced.

Hopefully with all these changes, we’ll be able to provide an especially enjoyable environment for everyone and make sure the maximum number of people can take part in the festivities.

After all, it’s only 112 days away!

PAX Prime 2015 tickets won’t be on sale until some time later in May, but you can start formulating any panel ideas for the show right now!

We’ve opened up panel submissions at this point, so any content that you would like to see at the show you can enter right here  As always, space is limited so make sure your submission is as complete as possible when filling out the form.

Also remember to keep an eye on the @Official_PAX twitter line for the most up to date details when we do officially announce ticket launch as well as any other pertinent information on the show.