Frequently Asked Questions

When can I pick my badge up at Will Call?

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Badge pickup will take place at the Registration desks from 2:00pm - 7:00pm on Thursday, 8:00am - 8:00pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and 8:00am - 4:00pm on Monday.  Registration is in Level 1 of the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Wait, all the theatre names are different. Where is everything?

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Funny you should ask! We tried to make things a little more intuitive with our naming conventions this year. Take the first letter of the theatre animal and it will tell you which building it is in. Other than Main Theatre of course, that’s big and its own special thing in Benaroya Hall.

Cerberus Theatre = Convention Center, Level 3
Chicken Theatre = Convention Center, Level 6
Sasquatch Theatre = Sheraton, Level 2
Sphinx Theatre = Sheraton, Level 3
Hydra Theatre = Grand Hyatt, Level 1
Wyvern Theatre = Westin, Level 4

Where is The Main Theatre?

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You can find the PAX Main Theatre at Benaroya Hall. It’s the giant building on 3rd and Union, you can’t miss it. Make sure to follow @PAX_Lines on twitter to get up to date information on how lines are looking at different parts of the show.

When will I get my badge?

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Badges are mailed out approximately two to three weeks before the event.  So depending on your location, sometime after that.

When will ________ be announced?

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Most content is unleashed between 3-5 weeks before the show.  Don’t worry, it’ll be worth the wait!

Will I be on camera?

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Very likely!

Can I take pictures or video?

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Indeed! PAX is a public event. Cameras are everywhere.  Our attendees understand that they are in the public domain and are likely to be filmed, photographed or recorded. That said if an exhibitor asks you not to film or photograph a booth or an event please respect their wishes.  You can even share your pictures with the world through our gallery.

What is The Omegathon?

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The Omegathon is a four-day elimination tournament between randomly selected attendees who compete in games from any and every category (tabletop, console, PC) culminating in a live championship match on the big stage during PAX closing ceremonies. The final round is always out of left field and is completely insane.

I have a mobility impairment and/or use a wheelchair…how easy will it be for me to get around PAX?

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The WSCC is completely wheelchair accessible, and to try and make life just a little easier on you, we have medical passes to help with special accommodations getting into panels and the like. You can apply for a pass for yourself and a +1 so you can have someone help you. To request one, shoot an email to

What is there to eat around there?

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There will be a variety of food available inside the convention center…we recommend the Juicy Cafe.  We also happen to be in the middle of downtown Seattle, so if you step outside of the convention center you are bound to find a variety of foods.

I’ve moved since buying my pass…how do I change the address?

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Shoot us an email at and we’ll get that fixed for you, but please note that any address changes can only be made BEFORE June 30th.  If it’s after June 30th, we can’t change the shipping address on our end, but if you have set up USPS forwarding, you should still be golden.

I see that passes are all sold out…will there be more?

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Occasionally people return badges which are then added to your pool, or we’ll identify scalpers and cancel their orders returning those tickets to the pool, but to be blunt, the scale on those is pretty small and your chances aren’t that great.  Sorry!  We suggest following @Official_PAX on Twitter, but don’t get your hopes up.

Is there free wifi?

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Yep! However be warned that a lot of your fellow attendees will also be on it, clogging your pipes…those jerks!

Where do I park?

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The Washington State Convention Center offers many parking options, in fact they’ve got a page full of info on it:

What Hotels are available for booking? / How do I get the PAX discount on my hotel room?

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Check out our Hotels and Travel page.  We’ll have a selection of hotels all at discounted prices for you there.

Into what airport do I fly?

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Seattle International Airport is by far the closest. The airport code is SEA.

Do passes have my name on them?

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PAX Prime passes are not personalized in any way.

What does BYOC stand for?

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Bring Your Own Computer; it is located within our PC area.

I just bought a pass on craigslist…

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PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS!  The chances are good that you’re buying a fake badge or otherwise getting scammed.  We hear stories like this all the time, and it really breaks our hearts.  Unfortunately we have very strict capacity limits, and we control them by the number of badges we print.  If you get stuck with a counterfeit badge, we simply cannot let you in the building regardless of how much you paid.

Do you have any rules or guidelines for PAX?

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Absolutely. Ever since the first PAX in 2004, we’ve had the following 6 rules in place, printed on all badges and programs.

1.    Drugs are bad.

2.    Don’t steal.

3.    Don’t punch or kick people.

4.    No cheating.

5.    Don’t harass anyone.

6.    Don’t mess with things that aren’t yours.

If you see anyone doing ANY of these to others or yourself, please approach an Enforcer to report the incident as soon as possible. You’ll be asked to fill out an incident report form (either on record or anonymously, whichever you prefer), which will be immediately escalated to, depending on the severity, show management, show security, venue security, and local authorities.

I live outside of the US and I did not choose the FedEx shipping option. Where do I pick up my pass?

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Your badges will be available at Will Call, in Registration.  This year it is located in Level 1 of the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Are the theatres cleared between panels and concerts?

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The rule of thumb is if you see a 30 minute (or more) break between events, it’s pretty safe to say we’ll be clearing.

I’m a game company. Who do I contact with regards to exhibiting at PAX Prime?

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Contact our sales team. for info on booth space and sponsorships.

Anything else I should bring?

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Your badge, comfortable shoes, and ID. PAX Prime is great for just meeting new people and having fun, so consider also bringing your handheld game system, favorite CCG, minis, or tabletop game.

Can I bring my own computer for the LAN?

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By all means!  Just make sure you register for BYOC.  Keep an eye on our twitter @Official_PAX or check the forums for announcements.

What do I need to get into PAX Prime?

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If you’ve pre-registered, that means you will receive a pre-registration packet with the appropriate identification to get you in the door. If you’re buying tickets the day-of (assuming there are any!), just head to the registration desk near the main entrance.

Are there age restrictions to PAX Prime?

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Nope. But if you’re under 13, please make sure your parents know where you are.  Children 6 and under do not require badges when accompanied by adult (however strollers are not permitted in the exhibit hall).

You are not helping me at all! I have a different question!

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Shoot us an email at and we’ll do our best!

Can I bring my nerf gun/lightsaber/other weird thing?

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All prop weapons brought to the show MUST be approved at Info Booth as soon as you arrive.

We will be looking for the following criteria:

- It cannot fire any sort of projectile. (Nerf guns are only allowed if they have been deactivated and can not fire.)

- It cannot be an airsoft weapon. (Yes, even if it’s deactivated.)

- It must comply with local weapons laws

- It cannot be sharp or pointy enough to cut or pierce someone with moderate pressure. This includes all real swords, daggers and knives. It also includes ceramic blades, needles, syringes and anything that can pierce such as a Little Sister syringe made of wood

I have a stroller…can I use it?

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Mostly.  Strollers are not permitted in the Expo Hall, but they are fair game everywhere else.